We keep on travelling along with you…

Our second day of travelling has finished and our third just began!

The day began with Mass in a beautiful chapel in Cologne’s Cathedral.


Celebrating the feast of Mary Magdalene, we prayed together. Bishop Philip invited us to reflect on our calling today, what Jesus is asking of us, and too keep this in our thoughts all day.

What is Jesus calling you to do?

After visiting the Cathedral, we had a quick walk back to the hostel and had breakfast. We hurried to clear the rooms and be on the coach to Kraków.


The day has been spent travelling, preparing for our time ahead. As I type this, most of the bus is now sleeping and resting.



Our eta is much later due to several patches of traffic, but thanks to our drivers they have kept us safe and moving forward!


Whilst we finish the journey and arrive in Kraków, we ask you to pray for us. Good night.

UPDATE: All arrived safely and quickly settled down to sleep as the sun began to rise!