It’s a feast…

With a few hours sleep, we were up and ready to explore Kraków in the late morning (Sat 23). We popped in to the main square, and saw the count down to the official beginning of World Youth Day 2016!

Just after, we regrouped and head towards St. Marks Church, a local Franciscan Church, to celebrate Mass. Fr Marcus, from the Franciscan community provided a very warm welcome to us, on the feast of St. Bridget of Sweden.


St. Bridget of Sweden, is the patron of Europe and is a saint for us, whom will help to guide us as we (our country) make huge decisions about our future.

For more info on St. Bridget of Sweden click here.

For the homily, Fr Mark (Hogan), shared the following:

In today’s Gospel, we have heard the same message Mary heard. But as with a message, some people will tell it as they heard it, others will add flavour. By adding flavour, the original message can be disrupted, just like signal is radiated everywhere and at times can be weak (and not enough to load), and others fully flowing. In terms of the signal we give out, it is important to keep it radiating and over time you may find yourself in need of a boost.

Saints give super boosts. They live their lives in the footsteps of the messages of Christ. Just like St. Bridget of Sweden, who was a young wife on pilgrimage, returned home to sacrifice everything, to give her life to Christ, along with her husband, as one.

Who has bought signal to you?

Who is it, not by word but whole being and witness, who has shown you what it is that made them have signal?

Who is it who has spoken to you?

How have you reviewed the message? In your ears? Or in your heart?

What has got to my heart? Jesus is the Lord and has risen from the dead, he knows me. He loves me. He calls me. He offers me mercy. There is nothing I can do to make him stop loving me.

Sometimes I like to check if it’s the correct message, or whether I need to clean my receiver!

Welcome him every day with your heart. He knows you by name.

Let every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord.

Will you confess today, that Jesus Christ is Lord?