Auschwitz – what’s there today

1.4 million people arrived.

1.1 million people died.


Because they took matters in to human hands.

It was the work of the devil, through the hands of an fascist administration.

The stillness of the earth, with the gentle breeze, surrounds the camp buildings which is left.


The group walked around the camps, following a WYD route. (This did mean the normal route and tour, including the inners of buildings was not possible.)

The walk, in the heat of the day, left us feeling hot, flustered and somewhat sweaty.

But despite the uncomfortable feeling this left us with,

the tiredness,

the desire to be back on the air con bus with more water,

it was not even a tear drop of the the pain experienced by those brought to the camp,

those murdered,

those traumatised and live to tell the tale.

Scrub that.


This wasn’t a tale.

This was a nightmare.