Wieliczka Salt Mine

A short journey from the City, we all arrived at the salt mines. A quick bite to eat and refreshing drink, we were all ready to begin the descent.

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In total, we descended 135m below the surface to explore. But bear in mind, we would be exploring the top 3 layers of the mine, in total there are 9 layers and hundreds of tunnels. As you get lower, there is less light and the tunnels become very small, none of us fancy crawling down a tunnel!

The salt has been mined over hundreds of years, where even the now St. Kinga, threw her engagement ring in to the mines as her symbol of commitment to the miners. Amazingly, years later, she was reunited with her ring, yes her small ring was found amongst all the salt.

For more information on the mines click here.


Whatever words I put with these photos, I truly can’t do the salt mines justice. They are a true beautiful site, one everyone should visit.