2 become 1…


Over the past 2 days, we have listened to two very different talks, both about the sacrament of marriage.

Jason and Crystalina Evert explained that marriage prep does not start when a proposal occurs, but starts at birth. Our actions that we take as we grow and learn, learning how to build friendships and relationships is all apart of marriage prep. These things help form us to who we are, the husband or wife we could be.

Dating is marriage discernment, we should be asking ourselves:

Do we love the person who is in front of us?

Do we love them for them, or who they could be?

Do we see ourselves with this person for the rest of our lives?

For dating is not there to look cool, or fulfil a bit of time, but for you to discern and find the right match for you.


When we date, hoping that the person will change, will mature or think you could guide them with that one thing, then you are merely dating your imagination. Your imagination won’t make a good bride or groom, for a fruitful marriage for the rest of your life.

Jason and Crystalina suggested that If you want love, don’t look out there, but look in your heart. Marriage is about perfecting yourself, so you become the best you can for that person. By focussing on you, your heart and your relationship with God, if your discerning is correct, you will find your partner.

They explained it is a tough world right now. With pressure for you to date, to pass time, and to not be single, for no-one would want to be single right?

Stop. Break free.

Enjoy being single.

Being single is about being open and pure for your partner, before you have ever met them, striving to be the best you can be.


Today, Scott and Annie Powell told us about their journey, of listening to God and finding each other. They had grown up, wanting to marry, and they found each other, both with a desire to serve God, so they have. They have set up a summer camp, and have since been led by Christ to adopt children, to form their family unit.

Marriage to them is a holy vocation, it is a vocation where you (husband and wife) are one.