Papa has arrived…

Today was an iconic day for all of our group, for Pope Francis arrived to greet the young adults gathered in Blonia Park.

We gathered in our area again, waiting for the Pope. The cheers got louder, as the Pope was shown receiving the key to Kraków. The Pope then hopped on a tram and headed towards the park.

Within minutes, Pope Francis was here, with us, circling the park in his Pope mobile. The flags were waved frantically and members of our group jumped around in excitement, some screaming, some emotional with tears.


Pope Francis in his Pope mobile in Kraków 

Personally, seeing Pope Francis gave me a rush of such a wide variety of emotions, and I know I couldn’t describe to you that feeling.

The welcome ceremony continued, with lots of dancing from around the world, flags from every country (by continent) and an address by Pope Francis himself.

The Holy Father called on us to live life, and not to be boring, giving up before life has even begun. He asked us if we could make a change, to which there was a resounding YES, Portsmouth Diocese definitely responded positively to this!


But we must confess, before we end this blog tonight, the Papal Ceremony was not the first time the group say the Pope. On the walk to Catechesis in the morning, the usual route was blocked, then it was quickly realised the Pope was on his way. Needless to say, the group paused the walk to wave to Pope Francis. #priceless


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  1. Wow! You were blessed indeed.Please keep up the good work of including us back home in World Youth Day.
    God bless you all.


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