Who’s who?

Sister Bethany from the Sisters of Life spoke to us on the topic of:

Who are you sweet Lord and who am I?
Francis of Assisi

Our finger prints are totally unique, so if God takes so much time to design the rings on your fingers, what does that show? How much love is that? That God would take all that time on just one of our fingers alone. He, Christ, longs for you to love him back just as much as He loves you.

What is your Identity?

Is your identity your Facebook profile picture? Or is it your parents? Is it your hair or your sneakers? Is it your grades, and whether you got A* or fail? All these things can change, but they are not your identity.


Your identity is what Christ gave you. It is what gifts you have received and what you have made them in to. It is what makes you you, if all materials were taken away. It’s what makes you unique.

A young man, hanging with friends was recently asked, who is your best friend? He thought, and said a name.

The young man was then asked, is God not your best friend?

The young man thought, and replied:

No. God is not my best friend. He is like a best friend. But this is different. It is different because, I’m in him and he’s in me. We are one.